By Nick Ziegler (@Ziggy26x)

Two of the Mets’ biggest names on the team have both cleared revocable waivers on Monday, as outfielder, Curtis Granderson, and more surprisingly pitcher, Jon Niese are both able to be traded since they cleared waivers.

They are both able to be traded for the rest of the month, and they both will probably draw some interest, especially a left-handed starter in Niese. Niese has pitched well this season with an ERA of 3.46, but only a (6-8) record. It was a big surprise seeing Niese’s name come through waivers, as many thought that it would be Bartolo Colon being the pitcher the Mets would deal. Niese figured to be in the Mets future plans, but now that future might be with Niese being sent to a contender.

Granderson was expected to clear waivers with his large contract, but like Niese, Granderson can help a contender this season. Batting mostly in the lead-off spot this season, Granderson has 15 homeruns, and 46 RBIs, but with his pop also comes a low batting average at just .229 with 107 strikeouts.

If the Mets decide to move both Granderson and Niese, it will be another tough blow to their fans that have been waiting for the team to exit the rebuilding process and make a push towards a playoff spot.

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