It was not an easy night for the Yankees in Arlington against the Texas Rangers as they dropped their 3rd straight game, losing tonight by a score of 4-2. The Yankees scored their 2 runs in a most unlikely way: 2 solo home runs by Brett Gardner (numbers 11 and 12), a career high for Brett. Not to be counted out, of course is the iconic Derek Jeter, who, with his 3 hits tonight, tied and passed Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski for 7th place on Major League Baseball's all time hit list. 

     Pitching was the story on both sides tonight. David Phelps did not pitch too great, although he didn't pitch too terribly either, scattering 8 hits and 4 runs over 6 innings while striking out 3. On the other side was the Rangers Yu Darvish, who in 7 innings allowed 9 hits and 2 runs (the Gardner home runs). 

     In an injury filled season in Texas, the bright spot continues to be the underrated Adrian Beltre, who continues to hit well above .300, with 4 hits and RBI in this game. Also of note, ex Blue Jay JP Arencibia who drove in 2 runs tonight. 

     Fans were questioning Joe Girardi's move (or non-move) of leaving in starter David Phelps for the 5th inning, where the Rangers did their damage tonight. For a team who has lost 4/5ths of their rotation and with a taxed bullpen, Phelps can only be asked to do so much. 

     The MLB trade deadline, for those who are unaware, is this Thursday, July 31st. As per usual, the Yankees are expected to be buyers. Stay tuned. Tough loss tonight, but still an interesting week in Yankees Universe nontheless.