The New York Yankees ace, Masahiro Tanaka has suffered a bit of a setback the team announced. Tanaka will be sent back to New York with soreness in his pitching arm as he tries to avoid Tommy John surgery.

"I want to be a little bit cautious. I haven't been throwing for a couple of weeks and then I started throwing again and built up the number of pitches that I've been throwing,'' Tanaka said through his interpreter, Shingo Horie. "I think that's the reason why there's a little bit of extra soreness in the arm itself."

Joe Girardi and Tanaka both stressed that he's not having pain in the elbow, that it is just soreness. The setback for Tanaka will likely ruin any chance of him coming back this season, but the ultimate goal for the Yankees and Tanaka is to have him ready for next season's opener.